Hi there, I'm Chris, and I'm a fullstack engineer, specializing in Python and Django.

I'm interested in working with some really smart and creative people..

Okay, so I'm going to dispense with formalities and get right into what matters.

You'll probably want to know that I'm actually capable of building things, from the ground up, and shipping on time. I'm not going to bother trying to convince you about that with lots of buzzwords, instead here's what I'm going to do:

Have a look at my resume. It's a clean and minimal design that I came up with, because after conducting a lot of interviews I was tired of seeing the same cookie cutter, lack of creativity.

Now, that resume is actually the output of a python/django web app. It's all designed in HTML/CSS. I render a static web page, then use pdfkit to transform it into a.. well, pdf file.

I wanted something a little easier to work with, so I've spent some time turning it into a full web app. There's a RESTful api. I've implemented with Django Rest Framework. Since I'm a UI developer, I created a really intuitive edit-the-template-directly-in-the-browser UI. So you can see exactly what it will look like as you're working on it.

And since I've tried to start my own businesses ad failed a few times in the past two years, I've learned a few things about shipping Minimum Viable Products to test and validate an idea. So, if you're interested you can have a look at my Minimum Viable Product.

Yeah, I know is a race to the bottom. The idea here is to see if people would even be interested in this, before I spend any more time developing. Ship small and ship often, right?

If that looks cool to you, I'd love to show you the python and javascript guts of it.

Let's talk.